But how could I leave this city? I have spent 6 whole years here: my studies, my life, my friends, and now he came… A new episode opens in my life, and here I am ,ready to leave it unexplored and move away!”, she said, while enjoying the smoke of her cigarette.

He promised to text me to meet again“, she added.

The friend next to her moved her head with doubt: “Did he do, though?”

No.” The answer came silently while she was letting her head fall into her arms.

You only met once. Do you trust him?”


This beauty over there is indeed a reason to keep you here”, she motioned to point over the city, “but that guy is definitely not!” The sun had completely hidden, leaving behind the last sun rays shining on their red hair.

You know, he is engaged“, it was the third one of the group that had not yet spoken.

They looked at each other with eyes wide open. They had the last cigarette sips until the smoke quickly gave its place to liberating giggling. And they took the way down to Gracia, to meet the others for a few drinks.

It was a warm November evening in Barcelona.

* Mynd taken at Parc Guell, Barcelona, November 2017 *



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