eternity in the 21st century

The big day had finally come!
Months of training, balance and navigation exercises would pay off making this first endeavour a success. Friends had described the view as magical and the effect unbeatable.

“It was a bargain! 25% off!”

A big deep breath filled the body with excitement; a few quick steps on the ground, a wide opening of the wings and slowly taking off into the air.

“My first flight!”

Slowly gaining height, the magnificent San Pietro dome appeared first on the blue canvas, disclosing the location of the Vatican city. A green mass far away must have been Villa Borghese and the water interruption splitting the city in two, the Tiber river, hosting Castel Sant’ Angelo and the Pantheon at either side.

“Look! The higher you fly, avoiding the obstacles, the more points you collect!”

A colourful mix of houses packed next to each other, lively people, ruins shuffled with aristocratic buildings and modernistic features composed the eternal scent of life that evoked its unexplored sense of smell.

“It was a bargain, 50% off!” said the same voice.

Careful coordination of muscle work was required for a stable flight in alignment with via Piccolomini. And then, the optical illusion happened.

“Internet connection is poor, let’s move to a café.”

A sublime life experience; an immersion in the beauty of Rome; a flight above 3 teens focused on exploring the new iphone X, comfortably distancing themselves from the generation of attention.

*Mynd taken in Rome, Italy, June 2016*



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