a collage

Her colourful image got my attention first – her friendliness later.

She was standing outside the Cuckmere Inn looking for the pathway leading to the Seaford beach and the viewpoint of the iconic Seven Sisters cliffs. She joined our solitary walk and we headed South with two cameras and nothing much to say.

She introduced herself first, her name was Kim. Perfect English with a tropical twist, due to her philippine origins. She had decided to leave her country 2 years ago by herself to “join the school of life and people”, she told me. To travel and experience the world. She had already visited 42 countries getting closer to her target of 50. She had met innumerable people on the way, she had risked, failed, loved, feared and defined her individuality. This last word triggered my curiosity and I couldn’t but ask her how she managed. She immediately smiled and looked over the distance where our point of interest had started to appear: colossal, majestic and white.

“Our individuality lies in the composition of a collage that we put together as we grow up. It is always complete and never finished. There is no right or wrong piece – this is abstract art and you are a professional artist.”

These were her last words before turning her back to take the first picture of the landmark.

Now she made more sense to me:

-Green for the tropical Amazon rainforest and her adventurous personality.

-Yellow for the Egypt desert and the challenges.

-Blue for the Mediterranean sea and her free spirit.

*Mynd taken at Seven Sisters cliffs, Sussex, UK, June 2018*




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