new life every day

From the other side, the town lights appeared as a sheet of mosaic slowly unfolding.

At night, towns fragment into a million tiny crystal pieces. Each piece reflects a different mix of colours and no colour is identical to the other. There may be a couple fighting there, or a group of friends celebrating someone’s birthday over there, or maybe a family at a wedding anniversary! A parade of beacons around the church, is it anyone’s funeral? And look at that! A pale green light, is a baby sleeping already?

Each window, each street light, a different story. Laughter, music, cry.

A boat ride on the water, for the brave ones, among souls dissolving in search of redemption.

And at dawn, the sun will rise as a healer. And all the lights will slowly fade out, a blank canvas for the new day.

This is what we are, we are born and die each day, in a periodic fashion.

Every night, a New Year’s Eve and every morning a new start with resolutions, hope and dreams.

*Mynd taken at Kotor Bay, Montenegro, August 2018*

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