the Water Lilies

What is it with the water lilies? They’ re just flowers!

Flowers floating on the water.

Look behind you, the sailman on the boat!

Flowers lighter than the water, resisting nature’s laws.

Look at the sky above you: a plane just took off!

And they come in so many colours!

Did you see the trees? The houses? The people? Such a colourful scene!

Moving from one side to the other, almost soulless, going with the flow, no need to react at all!

The little boy just lost a balloon, look how it flies away, going with the wind!

Their petals fly away, sometimes. They reflect the light into shining shades and sparkles!

Have you seen my new mirror?

I can even mirror myself on the water, surround my face with some lilies and become almost as beautiful as they are.

But… but you are beautiful!

That’s because I’m always surrounded by lilies, at any time, at any place. 

*Mynd taken at Tate Modern, London, December 2018*

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