After climbing up about 967 stairs, along the old walls, one of the girls shouted:

“This is it! I am going to climb the wall, sit on the top of it and pose. Please, Mike, take a photo of me… and do not allow other tourists ruin the frame, please!”

They were only a few stairs away from the top, that was promising the most magnificent view.

She walked all way to the edge of the mountain and reluctantly looked down for a second:

“Omg! That view of the town down there! We are so high!”

But the view did not entertain her for more than a second. It was around sunset time, the roofs of Kotor town seen in the distance some hundreds meters down were reflecting a purple colour, the sea was still, people walking seemed like insects in slow motion and the church bell signalled the evening mass.

She turned her back to all this and focused on her attempts to climb the wall, an admittedly steep, unstable, slippery wall. She was determined to reach the top, no matter what the risk was. She eventually managed to comfortably sit on it and posed, as her photographer prepared himself for the first shot.

One, two, three… 27 clicks and 19 different poses later, Mike announced:

“We got it! This is going to become viral! But enough with climbing now, let’s take the way back.”

The sun was giving its place to the moon – the most beautiful time of the day.

*Mynd taken at Kotor Bay, Montenegro, August, 2018*

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