a moment of reflection

I met the happiest person in the world.

Lucas is in his early 50s and he is from Argentina.

We met at Lisbon airport and we had so much in common: we were both solo first-time visitors, we were both frustrated with the flight delay, we did both not speak a single word in Portuguese. No need more!

I promised him to share a glass of wine together before heading back home.

Lucas has a family in Argentina, but lives in London, alone. Far away from everyone, chasing life. He has lived in Spain and he now explores Europe. Hearing his story you would say he had a tough life and circumstances brought him to a stage he hadn’t wished for – he would rather say:

“It’s aaalright!”

Followed by a big smile. His energy and happiness were like no other!

There are forms of happiness. There is the conventional happiness, living a life surrounded by family and friends from your childhood, with stability and security, and there is the unconventional one, living the unpredictable life, welcoming challenges as new learnings. In both situations, one thing is important: understanding and getting along with yourself before anything, appreciating even the moments of solitude and finding meaning in the simple things, such as a sunset over an old poor neighbourhood.

Lucas is waiting and the historical tram 28 is finally here!

(And it’s full, so I guess I will walk and I will be late – again!)

*Mynd taken in Lisbon, June 2019*

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