one mission

He left his friends near the car park and took the road to the top.

As he was walking his way up he started realizing the destination was much farther than he had initially anticipated. But he had drove 67 miles to the South only for that reason: to take the best photo of the lighthouse from the “Beachy Head”.

Step after step, and always ascending, the view of the sea over the steep rocks seemed more terrifying in his eyes. He forced himself to take a look and felt dizzy and run away. But he reminded himself the mission: the best photo!

And holding the camera tightly in his hands he sped up. He had covered more than half the distance anyway. With the adrenaline fueling him inside, he turned his face around to enjoy a panoramic view of the spectacular landscape. There, far in the distance a couple of strangers were walking as well – he was not alone. A light breeze refreshed his face and reached his lungs, and took the doubts away at the breath-out.

He was ready to snap the photo and the view from the top was now a blessing.

*Mynd taken at East Sussex, Seaford, England*


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