We were walking at a slow pace through the recommended (for tourists) route heading to the sea. We heard music, so we assumed there was a party going on and we filled with excitement!

We found a nice little park just off the shore and laid down on the grass to soak some sunshine. My friend used her pashmina as a throw to avoid staining her dress. We were lucky the famous red bridge and sail boats were visible from our spot.

At the third sip from my Sagres beer, the music and voices got even louder.

“Is it a national Portuguese celebration? This would be interesting!”

We looked behind and saw a bunch of people approaching us quickly. Unusual outfits, bright colours and lots of makeup. We understood.

Within seconds, we found ourselves mingled with a young group looking like a mass of glitter, smiles, colours and life dancing around us, celebrating Pride.

And we walked away, disturbed. Or embarrassed – by the scene or by ourselves – you choose.

*Mynd taken in Lisbon, Portugal, July 2019*


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