It all started with a toy film camera that I received as a present when I was 8 years old. It was not what I asked for, but nevermind. My first photoshooting used my little brother (poor boy!) as a model, posing in the fields, among flowers, behind trees – actually pretending to be a tree. Then I grew up and photography developed inside me as a means of telling stories untold, through capturing mynds. I lived abroad, I became a scientist, I made international friends, I travelled (with my camera) and I happily realised that stories would never stop fuelling my memory!
Hi, I am Mina and I am not a photographer. But I’m sure you wanna read my mynd.

*mynd: the word for photo in Icelandic

13724128_854123158027067_1841720906009385576_o* Photoshooting myself in front of a vintage bicycle at Orvieto, Italy, July 2016 *

[Asimina Pantazi owns the copyright and permissions of all readmymynd content, both text and visual, and reproduction is not permitted unless authority provided.]

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